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REEF RODERAGE Thank you certificate


When:   September 6- 22, 2014 (approx.)

Where: Ballarat Vic – Port Douglas Qld

Who:     8 Riders, 3 drivers, 5 support crew.


  • To raise awareness of everyday solutions to reducing greenhouse emissions available to everyday people….every day.
  • To raise funds for sustainable wildlife, humanitarian, energy and food programs to assist our global neighbours who do not have the same opportunities that we do…and to draw the links between climate change and wildlife endangerment & extreme poverty.
  • To highlight the danger that the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest may not exist for our children.
  • To provide our students with opportunities to learn first hand about the consequences of human activities and to make a real and practical contribution to sustainable solutions.
  • To equip our students to become youth leaders for a sustainable and just future in their communities and beyond.

Approximate itinerary:

Sept 6:     Ballarat – Shepparton                    276km

Sept 7:     Shepparton – West Wyalong         382km

Sept 8:    West Wyalong – Dubbo                   258km (including seeing “The Dish” at Parkes)

Sept 9:    Dubbo Open Range Zoo                    (Rest day)

Sept 10:  Dubbo – Goondiwindi                      503km

Sept 11:   Goondiwindi – Toowoomba           223km

Sept 12:   Toowoomba – Maryborough         335 km

Sept 13&14: Participate in Maryborough Technology Challenge 24 hour track event

Sept 15:   Maryborough – Hervey Bay           34km (whale watching day/ restish day)

Sept 16:   Hervey Bay - Rockhampton            392km

Sept 17:   Rockhampton -Airlie Beach           484km

Sept 18:   Airlie Beach - Townsville               275km

Sept 19,   Townsville – Cairns/Pt Douglas   347/413km

Sept 20 & 21: Reef and Rainforest adventures.

Sept 22:  Fly/drive home

The Great Barrier Reef is under real and immediate threat from the development  of new fossil fuel projects and ports to service them as well as long term threat from changing climate conditions … but it’s not too late to save it…… or to save the wildlife or people from developing nations who are dying each day right now due to climate change related factors.

This is not just an environmental problem…............The long term economic problems are just as dire.

Having previously ridden from the Sydney Opera House to Ballarat via Parliament House Canberra and then from Darwin to Parliament House in Melbourne, reaching speeds of 110kph and having won multiple awards for Design & Construction, Sustainability and Excellence in Education, the Rode RAGE team are going to ride over 3996 kms to raise awareness of these and related issues and to raise funds for sustainable charities….and to experience the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest.. before it’s too late.

Some numbers to think about:

2 degrees…. The warming that world wide consensus says we can withstand before there is climate change that would be catastrophic to civilisation.

20% …. The portion of existing fossil fuel reserves that can be burnt before we exceed that 2 degrees of warming

Therefore… even if the building of the ports to service the new fossil fuel projects doesn’t destroy the reef…. We can’t ever burn the coal and gas without catastrophic impacts on our civilisation… so why mine it??

Climate Change is already happening:

27,000 children die every day world wide from climate change related factors. (one for every breath you take)

Species extinction is higher now than any other period in Earth’s history apart from immediately after the Cretateous meteor impact that killed the dinosaurs and 70% of all plants and animals within a few years..

Australia has always had bushfires, floods, storms and droughts…. But the worst ever bushfires, floods, storms and droughts have all happened in the past 10 years costing many lives and many, many billions of dollars.

Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world… indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”      Margaret Meade     ………..   

Please join us

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