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Outback Rode Rage 2009

After 10 years of research and development, two world titles and on the back of the success of their 2008 Sydney-Ballarat Rode RAGE, the students from Damascus College ’s Energy Breakthrough Team think its time to stop talking about the problems of Global Warming and concentrate more on the solutions.

With the students having reached speeds of 115kph during their recent win in the World Future Cycle Challenge, Team organiser, Mark McLean says that they anticipate completing the challenge in 11 riding days and plan to be welcomed home on the steps of Parliament House Melbourne by Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Innovation Gavin Jennings and World Vision CEO Rev. Tim Costello.

Along the way the students will visit as many communities as possible to give out information as to the options that are easily available to ordinary people, groups and communities to reduce their greenhouse emissions. The team will broadcast a live web cast (our one day Sydney to Ballarat Rode RAGE in 2008 attracted over 220,000 individual hits from 63 different countries …we envisage 2009 being much bigger) from the bus and from inside the solar vehicle, have our position shown on google-map, and be able to send and receive e-mails via this website.

The event will also raise funds which will be donated to projects conducted by the Alternative Technology Association – International Projects Group, which provide sustainable energy solutions to communities in Timor who do not have access to the opportunities we have in Australia . To address the more immediate needs of hunger and poverty, and to draw the link between climate change and extreme poverty, funds will also be donated to Caritas and World Vision projects which provide sustainable solutions to assisting people to develop ongoing streams of income and/or food in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Thus we aim to make a real and immediate difference across 4 Continents as well as an indirect but just as real difference across the whole planet.

Through their experiences in the Energy Breakthrough Team, our members have become aware of a number of groups and organisations which offer affordable products which will give everybody the opportunity to become part of the solution to Global Warming as well as a variety of easy steps that can be taken every day, by every body in Australia and now we want to share our learning with as many people as possible, whilst simultaneously assisting people in our global village who do not have the same opportunities that we do.