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When: Dec 28, 2019 -Jan 16th , 2020
Where: Cambodia / Thailand /Australia

  • To raise awareness of everyday solutions to reducing greenhouse emissions available to everyday people….everyday.
  • To raise funds for sustainable wildlife, humanitarian, energy and food programs to assist our global neighbours who do not have the same opportunities that we do…and to draw the links between climate change, wildlife endangerment and extreme poverty.
  • To provide our students with opportunities to learn first hand about the consequences of human activities and to make a real and practical contribution to sustainable solutions.
  • To equip our students to become youth leaders for a sustainable future in their communities and beyond.
  • To read and honor the words of Weary Dunlop inscribed at the Hellfire Pass Memorial on the Thai Burma-Railway, “When you go home, tell them of us and say, we gave all our tomorrows for your today”. And to give thanks to those who gave so much so that we may have so much.

Following on from the successes of two previous Khmer Rode RAGEs, Kokoda Rode RAGE, Reef Rode RAGE and Euro Rode RAGE…. the Rode RAGE team want to stop talking about climate change and again roll up our sleeves and in the spirit of the Starfish Story do something about it.

Australians are the biggest per capita emitters of greenhouse pollution, and we are seeing the damage all around us, but it is people in developing nations and wildlife who are paying the biggest and most immediate penalty.

The team has dedicated 2019 to a variety of activities to raise funds and awareness for the Cambodian Children’s Trust and Wilderness Friends Foundation Thailand, we will then travel to these centres in January 2020 to physically lend a hand and to deliver the funds raised. The team will also be working with Bicycles for Humanity   to fill a shipping container with bicycles, books and playground equipment to assist the students of the Nekry International School and the village of Takeo in Cambodia.