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Climate Change has not gone away…..recently the US Dept. of Energy announced the biggest 12 month increase in emissions EVER and the current world wide emissions are worse than the worst case scenario predicted by the IPCC in 2007.

27,000 children die every day from (in part) climate change related factors and species extinction is higher than any time since the Cretateous meteor impact that killed the dinosaurs and 70% of all plants and animals within a few years, 65 million years ago.

Australians are the biggest per capita emitters in the world and in recent years we have experienced higher food and petrol prices and the most severe droughts, storms, floods and fires ever…our children can expect worse …but the harshest penalties are being paid by people in the Third World and animals who did little or nothing to create the problem…. For them it is literally a daily matter of life and death.

We wanted to do something to address this unfairness.