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Wildlife Friends Foundations Thailand

Main objectives:

Rescue wild animals from places where they are maltreated and/or neglected, and help them to spend the rest of their lives in a sanctuary as close to the natural environment as possible with the best possible care. In particular, provide sanctuary for those animals that no-one else is prepared to care for, e.g. the sick and disabled.

We aim to rescue those animals who have suffered at the hands of humans, rehabilitating and releasing where possible, and caring for those who are unable to be returned to the wild. We aim to provide the best standard of living and a life as close to wild as possible for these animals.

Educate people, particularly children, to stop cruelty to animals. In particular campaign against the illegal trade in wild animals for the pet industry and discourage the use of animals for entertainment, for example in performing animal shows.

Prevent hunting and promote conservation of all natural resources, fauna and flora alike. Educate local people, tourists and the international community to appreciate, understand and protect wild animals and their rainforest habitat. Cooperate with and assist the Royal Forestry Department and other organizations concerned with the rescue and conservation of wild animals.

Gather knowledge to start up a release program for those animals that qualify for re-introduction into the wild.

Set up and join activities with other charitable organizations and authorities for the public benefit.

Currently the WFFT runs several projects from hands-on wildlife rescue, medical care, wildlife rehabilitation, research on wildlife and marine mammals as well as the release of wild animals back to the wild.

The Wildlife Rescue Centre is built on temple land; the abbot of the Kao Look Chang temple has generously given us a huge plot of forest for the animals to live in.

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