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The Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) is a non-profit NGO running projects to help break the cycle of poverty in the Battambang region of Cambodia. They provide practical, long-term support to some of the most vulnerable people in Cambodia.

CCT was created in 2007 when Tara Winkler and her Cambodian team rescued 14 children from a corrupt orphanage in Battambang. The children were suffering from severe neglect and shocking abuse. CCT is now home to 46 children. They help the children overcome their backgrounds of abuse and neglect and break the cycle of poverty by providing them with the best possible health care and education.

CCT also supports families in the Battambang region and is establishing a range of community development programs that reach out to people in need, regardless of their circumstances. They work with street children, orphans, abandoned children, people with HIV/AIDS, sex workers, victims of landmines, victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence, the physically and mentally disabled, families living in abject poverty, and anyone else who is in serious need.

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