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Euro Rode RAGE 2018

Building upon previous projects throughout Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and the Kokoda Track… The Rode RAGE (Ride Against Greenhouse Emissions) Team is planning our next major international project and as always, we have reserved a few spots for friends we haven’t met yet and so we are calling for  expressions of  interest  from  those  who  may like to join us  on

EuroRR18 June30-July23, 2018 (Mostly in school holidays)

We are not ageist or geographist and are happy to hear from people of any age from anywhere, but likely people of 15-25 from Australia but most importantly must be people with a well developed sense of respect, responsibility, enthusiasm and who are passionate about learning about the world, history and in making a real and immediate difference to the lives of those less fortunate than us.

EuroRR18 Aims to:

  1. Raise awareness of everyday things that everyday people can do every day to reduce greenhouse emissions.
  2. Raise awareness that Australians are the biggest per capita emitters of greenhouse emissions but that it is people from other countries and wildlife that pay the biggest and most immediate penalty for our pollution.
  3. Raise awareness of the link between climate change and the ongoing world wide crisis of refugees.
  4. To learn about European history / culture, WWI & WWII and the ways in which these things have impacted on the creation of the world in which we live.
  5. To give our students an opportunity to learn more about history, culture and themselves and to better equip them to face the challenges of a 21st century life.


  • Spending 3 weeks with a group of excellent humans with a variety of life experiences, views, hopes and dreams.
  • Volunteering with Care4Calais and Mobile Refugee Support, NGOs which work on the frontline assisting refugees from all over the world who are currently in the areas around France and Belgium.
  • Touring the battlefields of The Western Front, Normandy and Europe and learning of those who gave so much so that we may have so much.
  • Visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum & Memorial and Weiliczka Salt Mine
  • Exploration of Paris (cycling the Champs Elysees, The Louvre, Eifel Tower etc) Amsterdam & Berlin.

Cost $4500 but RR has a policy that no-one ever misses out purely because of money and we have a range of scholarships and fundraising possibilities to assist. Please contact us for further detail / to express interest.