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Rode RAGE has worms....and we want you to get worms too !

What if one decision could:

  • Save/make you money
  • Reduce your greenhouse footprint
  • Produce healthier, stronger, more nutritious plants
  • Reduce chemical pollution in our food, soil, water and atmosphere.
  • Reduce your pesticide and water bills
  • And......
  • Support an, innovative, award winning program for local kid’s

The average family sends approximately 1 tonne of organic waste to land fill each year. When buried in land fill, this waste produces methane gas which percolates up through the soil and into the atmosphere. Methane is over 60 times more “effective” than carbon dioxide in trapping heat in our atmosphere (IPCC report indicates a Global Warming Potential (GPW) of 62 times that of CO2) and hence is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect and climate change.

As part of our ongoing Rode R.A.G.E. (Ride Against Greenhouse Emissions) Program, we are aiming to put a Vermicompost bin in every Ballarat household, hospital and school. Ballarat alone could save over 35,000 tonnes of organic waste not going to landfill each year (this would fill the MCG to a depth of 2 meters every year), which is over 3,500 tonnes of methane not entering the atmosphere each year (This is the equivalent of over 217,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide or 4,367,000,000,000 black balloons)
These figures do not take into account the greenhouse and other environmental savings from the petro-chemical fertilizers (Synthetic fertilisers result in the production of Nitrous Oxide, another little known but very potent greenhouse gas with a GWP 296 times greater than CO2) which would not be needed as everyone would now have their own sustainable source of natures own perfect fertilizer. Vermicast not only stimulates plant growth and health but also vastly increases water retention in the soil…thus saving water as well.
Rode RAGE is now taking orders for worm bins to suit the average family for only $150 with 2000 worms included. Delivery can be arranged. We can also tailor farm, market garden and industry sized solutions.
Worm bins provide a simple, no smell, no fuss solution to a serious greenhouse problem as well as providing ongoing supplies of A1 premium fertilizer (we know it’s not technically fertilizer but it does the job of fertilizer only better).
Further information about this and our other programs can be found at
For orders or enquiries, please contact Tony Davidson at or 0419563920.

Advantages of Rode RAGE worm bins over commercially available plastic bins:

  • 3They are not made of plastic.
  • The bins themselves are biodegradable.
  • They are made using recycled timber where possible.
  • They are cheaper.
  • They are bigger.
  • They can cope with the organic waste of a whole family.
  • They are much more “worm friendly”.

Advantages of vermicast over synthetic fertilizers:

  • Increased soil water retention. Vermicast holds 6 times its own weight in water.
  • Restores Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus balance and vital trace elements.
  • Natural insect repellant.
  • Complete plant nutrition
  • “When I was in England we did extensive growth trials with at least 50 horticultural plants. The results were outstanding and in all instances they outperformed commercial plant growth media. Even the addition of 10% vermi- compost caused significant improvements in plant growth. Indeed, even if .. worm compost is sterilized, it still out performs commercial products.”

- Dr. Clive A Edwards. Dept of Entomology. Ohio State University


Team members with “Illumenator” and one of our worm bins
Team members with “Illumenator” and one of our worm bins