To assist schools and teams who do not have the facilities to build their own trikes and limited budgets we established GTrikes to provide high quality, low cost trikes and parts so that schools can devote more of their budgets to expanding their programs so that more kids would get the wonderful opportunities that we have to participate in great EBT events available

School Mentoring
Rode RAGE works with a number of schools in Ballarat and around Victoria to assist them in developing their own Energy Breakthrough Teams, providing advice, vehicles, parts and technical assistance required 




St. Pats

Recranked ReCycled

In partnership with Ballarat YMCA, City of Ballarat and other stakeholders, we collect old bicycles and bicycle parts, renovate them and then donate them to needy and deserving families and individuals





Bicycles for Humanity

We have partnered with Bicycles for Humanity Regional Victoria to collect bicycles and raise money to fill shipping containers with refurbished donated bicycles, schooling materials, clothes and English language books and ship them to our friends in Cambodia,   where they can make a life altering difference


 Nekry International School

We have also partnered with the Nekry International School  to conduct online English language classes during Covid lockdowns and beyond.



Bicycles for Humanity
Neskry International School