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The Rode RAGE Team is a group of enthusiastic students and volunteers who are interested in bikes, mechanics, fitness, science, social justice and sustainability


  • To grow, in a support network of positive relationships across age, gender, different personalities & interest groups.
  • To give each other opportunities to learn about responsibility & consequences.
  • To be respectful of others, property and self in a safe working environment.
  • To demonstrate good stewardship through a sustainable approach toward the use of environmental, human and financial resources.
  • To raise awareness of everyday solutions to reducing greenhouse emissions available to everyday people…every day.
  • To raise funds for sustainable energy and food programs to assist our global neighbours who do not have the same opportunities that we do….. and to draw the link between climate change and extreme poverty.
  • To provide leadership through mentoring and teaching.
  • To share knowledge about technology, science, health, the environment and engineering in a practical, hands on way.
  • To teach skills applicable to workshops & industry.
  • To develop competitive race Hybrids and HPV’s

Our purpose is not merely to build machines, but to build people through mentoring, leadership, problem solving, adaptation, improvisation & team work.
Rode RAGE operates on a world stage:

  • Twice winners of the World Solar Cycle Challenge
  • Over 2 million web site hits from 67 different countries
  • Part of display at the London Museum
  • Displayed at 2009 International Motor Show alongside Porsche & Ferrari
  • Live web cast our 2009 Darwin to Melbourne Ride using technology used only by us and the Australian Defence Force
  • Vehicles built using similar technology to F1 cars (Vacuum infusion Carbon Fibre/Kevlar)
  • 4 times on national TV…. Once on international TV
  • Our 2008 DVD was used at the Copenhagen Climate Summit by the CEO of World Vision in his presentation to world leaders.
  • Partnering with several multi-national industry leading companies.

But also on a local stage:

  • Working with City of Ballarat to improve waste disposal and other issues of sustainability
  • Working with BREAZE and other local environmental groups
  • Partnering with numerous local businesses and organisations.
  • Partnerships with both Australian Catholic University and University of Ballarat
  • Involves students from at least 5 local schools working together
  • Mentors other schools to develop their own programs.