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About Us

Rode RAGE is not just a hobby group that tinkers at lunch times, we work throughout the year to design, build, test and race vehicles within detailed specifications and to create events which raise public awareness and charitable funds for sustainability programs. It requires a team effort & an across-the-curriculum approach.

The Human Powered Vehicles (HPV’s) and Hybrids we design and build are entered into several races including the World Solar Cycle Challenge, open aged community track events in the Victorian HPV Series and the Australian International Pedal Prix series in South Australia, the RACV Energy Breakthrough in Maryborough, Victoria and in 2014 the RACQ Technology Challenge in Maryborough Queensland.

Monthly Meet-ups

Our Community setting provides a fun and creative space for our Rode RAGErs to collaborate on the Energy Breakthrough and community service projects.

We encourage our team to work together to develop through our program.

Rode RAGE is similar to a buffet in that you can pick what you would like to participate in. We don’t expect you to come to every meet or race because we understand how busy young lives can be. Although, when you are available, we look forward to your involvement!

Energy Breakthrough and Races

Educating about Environmental Awareness while taking Climate Action

Each year we participate in the RACV Energy Breakthrough and a variety of Human Powered Vehicle Races.

A challenge that not only strengthens our team bonds but provides Rode RAGErs the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and grow throughout the experience.

Promoting Environmental awareness while having an absolute blast!


Global Travel

Learning through Worldly Experiences.

Our Rode RAGErs travel yearly to assist less fortunate communities and to develop global mindsets; exploring the world while helping others provides incredible opportunities for growth.

We aim to leave every place better than we found it and through our travel, we have helped to develop communities around the globe.


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