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Awards & Achievements

We think our most significant achievements have been over 1000 people learning and growing together over 15 years with zero serious injuries, the many friends we have made from all around the world and over $130,000 raised to support the work of our nominated charities to create fairer and more sustainable world….. but here are some others 


RACV Energy Breakthrough


Team Powerswitch:                    

                     Overall 1st place in trial all categories
                     Overall 1st place Hybrid 1 Open
                     1st Place Hybrid 1 Open trial
                     1st Place Design & Construction - Hybrid 1 Open
                     1st Place Display & Presentation - Hybrid 1 Open
                     Pole position for trial
                     Fastest lap of trial
                     New track record fastest lap (1:53)

Team Nemo :               

                     9th Overall HPV Catergory C
                     Lots of fun and new friends                    


RACV Energy Breakthrough

Team Nemo:
                    Overall Winner Holden Track 24 Hour Trial
                    1st Place Hybrid 1 Open 24 Hour Trial
                    1st Place Design & Construction
                    1st Place Display & Presentation
                    1st Place Overall Hybrid 1 Open
                    Fastest Lap of the event 1:23 Tom Dwyer
                    Most laps for the event 697 (well on track to break all time record had                                                                       it not been for a one hour race delay)
Team Marlin:
                    8th Overall with lots of experience gained by our junior riders
                    Our friends from Queensland riding with us.
                    2nd Display & Presentation

Reef Rode RAGE  Ballarat to Pt Douglas

  • Over 4000 kms ridden with no mechanical failures
  • Average speed 58.9kph Top Speed 110kph
  • $20,000 raised for nominated charities
  • Millions of people reached via live interaction, TV, radio, print articles and social media
  • Many many new friends made.
  • Our first International guest rider Untac Nem from Cambodia
  • New lap record set at RACQ Tech Challenge along the way ....Alex Asquith 1:59.7
  • and then re-set a few hours later ... Nathanael Cotton ..... 1:55.9

Volunteer Recognition Award (Education)


RACV Energy Breakthrough:

  • Overall Winner Hybrid 1 Open – Leurn Leurn
  • 1st Place 24 hour trial
  • 1st Place Design & Construction

City of Ballarat Eco Warriors Award


RACV Energy Breakthrough:

  • 1st Place Design & Construction
  • 1st Place 8 hour trial
  • 2nd Place Overall Try-athalon Open

City of Ballarat Eco Warriors Award


RACV Energy Breakthrough

Team: King Julien XIII                          Class: Hybrid 1 Open

Winner Greenwheels Sustainability Award

2nd Place Overall

Team: Maurice                                      Class: Try-athalon Open

1st place 8 hour endurance trial


RACV Energy Breakthrough.

Team: Crumbs                                      Class: Hybrid 1 Open

1st Place Design & Construction

Winner Greenwheels Sustainability Award

Winner Austin 7 Club Award for Innovation

New event fastest ridden lap record: Braden McKay 1:23min

Team: Lorrenzo                                    Class: Try-athalon Open

1st Place Design & Construction


Outback Rode R.A.G.E (Darwin – Melbourne… 3775 km in 11 days)

(Tour De France covers 3485 km in 21 days)

8 Awards for Environment/Sustainability.

Over 1,000,000 individual website hits from 68 different countries.

2008 DVD presented at Copenhagen Climate Summit by Rev. Costello

Melbourne International Motor Show:

Vehicles displayed as part of the Low Emissions Vehicles stand alongside Porsche and Toyota seen by over 250,000 people.


Posted 1/1/2008

The Aims:

  1. To raise awareness of the easy and affordable options available to everyday people, every day to reduce greenhouse emissions.
  2. To raise funds for sustainable food and energy programs to assist our global neighbours who do not have the same opportunities that we do.

The Outcomes:
1009 km (Sydney Opera House via Parliament House Canberra to Ballarat Town hall)
23:48 hours
2 Environment Ministers
1000’s of families spoken to directly
10,000’s of people seeing the event live
6 TV Reports
16 Newspaper Articles
12 radio segments
70,000 website hits
from 21 different countries
$6235.20 raised

  • Winner of the “TEN News – Telstra Monthly Environment Award”
  • Winner of the “TEN News – Telstra Annual Environment Award”
  • Semi Finalist of the Regional & Community Awards “Sustainability and Environment Award”
  • Letters of commendation from The Lord Mayor of Sydney & The Alternative Technologies Association

Personal Visits From:

  • Rev Tim Costello, CEO World Vision
  • Minister Gavin Jennings, Victorian Minister for the Environment, Climate Change & Innovation.
  • Minister Peter Garrett, Federal Minister for the Envrionment
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Posted 1/1/2007


World Future Cycle Challenge
  Team: Illumenator Class: C1
    - 1st place
- Line Honours, Stages 1, 2, 4 & 5
- Overall 1st Place Port Augusta Trophy
  Team: Trilumenator Class: C1
    - 3rd place
- Line Honours, Stage 6
  RACV Energy Breakthrough
  Team: Mr Big Class: C
    - 1st Place Design & Construction
- 2nd place overall
* New DCEBT lap record of 521 laps
  Team: Bazza Class: Hybrid Open 1
    - 1st Place Design and Construction
- 3rd Place overall
* New DCEBT lap record 580 laps


Posted 1/1/2006
  RACV Energy Breakthrough
  Team: This Way Up Class: C
    - 1st Place Design & Construction
  Team: canTANKrUS Class: B
    - 1st Place Design and Construction
  Team: Electrafry Class: Hybrid Open 1
    - 2nd Place Overall


Posted 1/1/2005


World Solar Cycle Challenge
  Team: Lumenate II Class: C1
    - Overall 1st place
- Line Honours, Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
- Provisional 1st Place (Eyre Peninsular)
- Certificate of thanks from Australian National University team for our logistical and technical assistance during the challenge. We were pretty happy to be helping 3rd Year University Engineering students.
  RACV Energy Breakthrough
  Team: Daryl Class: C
    - 1st Place Design & Construction
- 2nd Place Display & Presentation
- 2nd place overall
  Team: Lumenate II Class: Hybrid Open 1
    - 1st Place Display and Presentation


Posted 1/1/2004
RACV Energy Breakthrough
  Team: Roger That Class: C
    - 1st Place Design & Construction


Posted 1/1/2003


World Solar Cycle Challenge
  Team: Lumenate Class: C2
    - 2nd Place
  RACV Energy Breakthrough
  Team: Keith Class: B
    - 1st Place Design & Construction


Posted 1/1/2002


RACV Energy Breakthrough
  Team: Phase 5 Class: C
    - 1st Place Design & Construction
  Team: Gamera 2 Class: Hybryd
    - 1st Place Design & Construction


RACV Energy Breakthrough

Team: Adimov Class: HPV Open
Last place

(but we got to the start line and completed the 24 hours in our first year )